Quicklist of Child Sex Offenders still at large in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Here is a list of names of those individuals who I know were associated with Jimmy Savile and part of an active ring of child sex offenders in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Jimmy Savile Child Abuser

Jimmy Savile Child Abuser

This post constitutes part of my witness statement given to the police, and published here for the protection of the public.

Trevor Bates – knew Jimmy Savile; picks up children in online chatrooms, posing as a concerned friend; arranges meetings and abducts the children to Spain, where they are kept hostage.

Keir Forman – enjoys mutilation and cannibalism of small babies.  Can be seen through the window of his mothers house, late at night, watching videos of children being abused and dismembered.  Also, the mothers house has a nasty smell which resembles cooked flesh.

Gavin Shaw – can be seen on any weekday hanging around the primary school near his house, for example, was “mending” his car for many weeks, removed the prop-shaft, when nothing was wrong with the vehicle; seen by myself with his head next to the rear wheel of the car holding a large spanner, and peering upwards at groups of children being collected at the school – the car was parked a long way from his house, he was seen driving right the way down the road and turning the vehicle around in order to park near the school, then walking to and from his house carrying the spanner.  Later, he emerges from beneath the vehicle with a sticky stain across the front of his trousers.  Can also be seen through his living room window which faces the road, mucking around with his own children.

Neil Gilpin – has faced trial for child sex offenses; was wrongly acquitted.  I have witnessed his attentions focused on a small boy at a hippy-style camp in North Yorkshire; I also overheard the child being raped by Gilpin, but was unable to awaken myself; this must have be due to being drugged by Gilpin – I am a light sleeper, and travelled for many years with a travelling smallholding – any noise at night will cause me to wake up immediately.

These people were found out by myself, holding a gang-meeting where they were plotting my demise, and that of my associates.  They were in the company of Roy Stobbs, who is forbidden from using internet – they were uploading videos which they had created themselves of children being abused.

3 thoughts on “Quicklist of Child Sex Offenders still at large in the West Riding of Yorkshire

  1. Some of the other people involved:

    Richard Goodall (property owner) – public schoolboy, severely bullied,who took to abusing small children to relieve his frustration.

    Tom Weston of Oxley Properties – complicit in the above case, allows houses to be used as part of Goodall’s ring, and allows hidden cameras to be installed in properties rented by Oxley.

    Mark Gilroy of Slaithwaite Royal Mail – active child abuser.

    Chances are that John Oxley, the owner of Oxley Properties, is himself a paedophile.

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