ROY STOBBS HAPPY XMAS paedophile is postman in Slaithwaite

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THING ? midgame madness & rant – july 2011

sue smith rough storyboard & investigation work beyond the line of duty, not all postmen are not of normal criminal element, but one Slaithwaite postal worker has to be the one below his boss, Fish & I do forensics for 2 decades, Sue gets down to it in 5 minutes,
low quality or not, in their own words, the police cant trace me….but the fucking posties can, even on the fucking moors….GILPIN GILLROY GOODALL

& POSTIE G.+ G.+ G.= stobbs(+bates etc) google it you dense green shorts wearing criminal not of normal element, pulling the ranks…will be your undoing, cos YOU ARE INVOLVED, i was acting under orders response exposed who YOU OBEY, I would not change places, what can u hope to gain ?

KILL MY DOG in revenge for your money & reputation,

bow out edward, cos its not about money, I understand suicides peak at xmas & sPEEDO is/was the same, the 3 SLAWIT G’S=ROY,

2 thoughts on “ROY STOBBS HAPPY XMAS paedophile is postman in Slaithwaite

  1. I love the past tense here post-men, ex-paedo, history is fascinating, but takes time to research, for many things are changed, but thanks to our data analysis methodology, friendship & the truth of cloned files, the pro’s can investigate this shit, I prefer living to existing

  2. THEY CANT IDENTIFY either the dog or the owner of the dog – because they haven’t seen it!!! I heard`them plan all this, as well as ACCESS CHILD-PORN which they uploaded to their website

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